Winner ?

Winner ?

Pastel and Ink (17”x 14”) 2018

Sometimes winners look like losers.
‘ Nuff said

Sucker Punch

Pastel (40”x 28”) 2020

This is one of those pieces that asked ‘where are you going with this’? It’s all part of the process.Roll with the punches.


Oil ( 24”x 20”) 2020

The modification of the word Kaleidoscope is well-suited for this piece. The figures have a movement not entirely symmetrical but changing pattern…colliding.

Mayhem: Guernica Style, Guernica Style II

Gouache (43”x 30”) 2019

Picasso’s “Guernica” captures the madness of war, in this case the Spanish Civil War. The town of Guernica was annihilated by the Franco Regimes’ incessant bombing. I borrowed from Picasso with both of the Mayhem Pieces. The correlating factors of man inflicting pain and destruction on each other seemed to fit appropriately.

Gouache (43”x 30”) 2019

Squaring Off

Woodburning and Stain (8”x 8”) 2019

The fighter is in his slightly exaggerated stance.