Into The Fray

Oil (24”x 20”) 2020

Again, I’m as much drawn to the expressions as I am the action. I wanted to create a piece that was only done in reds. An acrimonious frenzy.

Ancient Entertainment

Oil ( 30”x15”) 2018

This piece was influenced by a wall painting in the ruins of Pompeii. To achieve the effect of an aged surface, I allowed the paint to almost dry. At that point I applied varying grades of sandpaper before repainting. I repeated the process a number of times.

Gruesome Twosome

Gruesome Twosome

Pastel and Conte (41”x 31”) 2019

This is an ear-biting, eye-gouging, below-the-belt match. It’s all about winning.

Get Up Dammit !

Pastel and Charcoal ( 37”x 25”) 2018

Again, Expression is Everything. My oldest and youngest Sons modeled as the fighters in this piece. Soon after, my youngest passed away. For days he lay in the ICU dying. We had our hopes. He is the figure on his back. The kneeling coach beside him is a self-portrait, Urging him to “ Get Up Dammit ! ”