"Mom" Oil (18" x 30") 2008

“Mom” Oil (18″ x 30″) 2008

My Mother is 87 years old.  She came to this country in 1939, from Calabria, Italy.

It was early in that decade that her mother made a piece of cloth from raw cotton.  It was a long and tedious process.  My mother gave me this particular fabric.  It was my intention to create a piece that would span three generations.  Hence, the cloth, made by my grandmother, with a portrait of my mother, made by me.


It was a beautiful summer day and I decided to move my easel into the yard.  The Tiki sculpture was my subject.  I had begun this piece earlier. As the hours passed from morning to twilight, the colors seemed to reflect these moods.

“Tiki” Oil and Pastel (36″ x 24″) 2008