son_kapak.jpgCover artwork and design for the upcoming novel “Always Faithful: A Marine’s Tale” by Carl P. Marchi.

This book gives a realistic view of the anguish a young person endures in becoming a United States Marine as well as the trauma of war.  The story also helps the reader understand a certain Italian faction, as well as the Italian-American culture as it pertains to the Goomba perspective.  It is not a story about the Marine Corps, nor a story about the Mob.  It is simply about an eighteen-year-old young man of Italian descent from Trenton, NJ, whose life is touched by both. 

For this teen, there is more to life than the customary demands placed on people of his age.  These demands put him on a rollercoaster ride destined to resolve uncertainty.  Peer pressure sets the main character Joseph Mommalione — Joe Momma for short — on a journey that tests his honor in the Marines, loyalty to strong Italian family traditions, and the ability to bear confinement.

Joe Momma’s year long venture before, during, and after the 1991 Gulf War show the way to heroism, imprisonment, vengeance, and love.  He goes from the typical teen back on the block to the traumatic experience of Marine boot camp to the theatre of war where his few days of combat lead to heroism and everlasting friendship with two Marines.  After the war, he and his comrades are recuperating from their wounds back in New Jersey while Joe Momma is being groomed into his uncle’s crime family.  Circumstances land Joe Momma in the county jail where he is threatened by the FBI to reveal information about his mob connections.  Rather than face three to five years in the Trenton State Penitentiary, he plans and successfully completes a daring escape from  jail with the help of two former Marines and his mentor Carmine Scalia who is also a former Marine.  Before he blends into the criminal underworld, he seeks revenge on the cop who put him behind bars.  In doing so, he discovers a plot by a Tucci crime family crew boss to destroy him.

Although the story portrays an adolescent from Trenton, it is targeted toward a mature audience and will touch the hearts of men and women alike.  While the book is Marine hardcore, as well as street savvy, it is sensitive to family values and portrays heroic deeds.  The book is easy reading, full of wit, sorrow, happiness, conflict, compassion, romance, crime, and adventure including a twist which will capture one’s interest from beginning to end.

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