dvdArt For Justice gives viewers an inside look at the world of police sketches and courtroom art.

Ralph Sirianni shares some of the techniques involved in local and internationally known cases. He worked with law enforcement officials by developing the updated sketch of The Bike Path Rapist. This was shown on America’s Most Wanted. When that individual was apprehended, Ralph Sirianni was there for his first appearance, creating the courtroom drawing.  The film ends with a demonstration. The artist turns his back on the audience and asks that they choose someone among them to model for a police sketch. Based on their descriptions, he creates a striking resemblance.  This is an important look at two very interesting areas of Art For Justice.

The DVD was also recently featured in the newspaper China Press.  With a running time of 26 minutes, it is now available for purchase by contacting the author.  Or you may watch it in segments on YouTube: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3