As a Police Sketch Artist, I’ve learned that the success of an arrest relies more on the victim’s (or witnesses’) description than my talent as an artist.

In the case of The Bike Path Rapist, a woman escaped from her attacker. At the time this attack had taken place (10 years ago,) she was 14 years old. The idea was to age the assailant.  During my interview with her, she described him as having hair and a moustache. Law enforcement officials, who were present at the time, suggested we leave out the facial hair.

Given this information and the victim’s confirmation, the 2004 sketch was released. This is the drawing that appeared on America’s Most Wanted ( FOX-TV) in December 2006.  It was also the only hand-drawn sketch that appeared. The others were either composites or computer generated.

Upon the arrest of Mr. Sanchez, I found myself in the unique situation of creating the courtroom drawing for his first appearance. It was the first time I’d combined the two arts for one case.

bikepath.gif 2004 Police Drawing

07115141815_wgrzbikepathsuspect-ks300x225.jpg Suspected Bike Path Rapist, Altemio Sanchez

 Courtroom drawing of suspect’s arraignment

Click HERE to hear a radio interview on WBEN Buffalo Radio.  (837kb .WMA file)

Click HERE for the article in the Buffalo News, February 25th, 2007.