“I have no memories of not drawing. It was my older brother, Mario, who taught me. My heroes were Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo. I would try to copy their works. At the age of 9, I went to Italy with my parents. Seeing the original masters’ works touched something deep within my soul. Perhaps it was then that I’d realized my destiny, a life in art. That destiny became an exploration, a curiosity fueled by fate and passion.

Performing Live – Art at Chi-Stock 2011

“As a young man, I’d often taken paths that were ill-advised. The worst year of my life came in the jungles of Vietnam, followed by many dark tunnels ‘ back in the world.’ Through it all, art remained my source of communication, expression and sanity. I profess an eternal gratitude to my mentor, Walter Prochownik. He taught me the meaning of substance.”The older I get, the more personal my art becomes. I live and breathe art. Through helping others, I redeem something lost, something that was precious to me.

“Creating art is like driving a car. You’re always aware as you cruise along, enjoying music, the weather or what have you. However, when conditions call for it, a certain level of concentration is required. Whether it’s a downpour, fog or a blizzard, you must become more methodical in your quest to reach a destination.”

– Ralph Sirianni, Artist


Side Note: Themes such as war, oppression, and elderly patients in long-term care, are often disturbing to the viewer. However, the thought-provoking process is essential to raising awareness. My personal connection with these topics lends a genuine quality to the work. Although I also find certain pieces unsettling, it’s rewarding to develop something powerful and watch it emerge.

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