Mention on Bill Abbott’s Blog

Cartoonist Bill Abbot mentions in his blog article, found HERE.  An excerpt: As a teacher, he guides his students patiently, and with a coherent plan. As a cartoonist, I’ve been focusing only on what I know, and don’t tend to stray too far from my...

New Piece

Chess is one of my favorite pastimes. In the right frame of mind I’m at best a mediocre player. The occasional game that I play is usually a lesson in humility. About a year ago I began to see a correlation between chess and life through medications. As a Creative...


Artvoice Article 12/22/2011: Chi-Stock A new series of art events debuts Ralph Sirianni—a friend, artist, veteran, and champion of possibilities in improving one’s good nature—invited me to “Chi-Stock,” a music and art event held in a large downtown loft put together...

The Collector

The Collector is a self-portrait into an area of my life of which I'm quite fond...collecting.  Vintage sport cards, Classics Illustrated comics and stamps are some of the items that I'm interested in.

to the spirit within

I have a piece in a group show at Casa de Arte Gallery, located at 141 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, until Sept 9. On June 8th I gave a presentation at the New York Psychological Association's 75th Annual Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. My full-time employment, as a...

Jimi Re-revisited

This is a tribute to someone I wish I could say was a friend but he'll always be close.  I'll revisit him many times to come.  Jimi was Art.

New Work … “Pre-Op”

Just prior to my recent surgery, I thought that it would be interesting to paint about it. It's all there, the uneasiness, uncertainty and the optimism.

New Drawings

These are courtroom style drawings of  participants at The National Veterans Wheelchair Games held in Denver this past July. This accelerated approach was helpful in capturing a moment during movement.

New Work: “Pride”

  I'm looking at an old photo. It's 1936 and  NYC Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, with a hand on the shoulder of Joe DiMaggio and the other on  Lou Gehrig, is beaming as he welcomes the rookie. DiMaggio would exceed the expectations of everyone and certainly be worth his...

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