The Dead Files

July 11, on the Travel Channel, at 10 pm Eastern: Each week’s episode features a home / establishment where paranormal activity takes place. It concludes with a sketch artist, from the location filmed at that time. The July 11 episode is showcasing a home in...

Dead Files

The Travel Channel's series, Dead Files, features Ralph Sirianni in an upcoming 12th season episode, as a sketch artist. It is planned to air in August 2019.

New work from the Brush With Bare Knuckles series

The Crowd Pleasers A new addition to my Brush With Bare Knuckle series. I'm focusing on the faces of onlookers in some of these pieces. Jack Johnson The fighter Jack Johnson was one of those fighters who had crossed over to the gloved era.    

Gabriel Sirianni

"How Buffalo artist copes with losing son to heroin" - Buffalo News

Novel Nod to Artist

Jeff Schober's latest novel is part 3 of a series which follows former Buffalo detective, Ken Connell. Joining the main character is RJ Sorrentino, a Marine Vietnam Veteran Police sketch artist. Jeff has fashioned this individual after me. He dropped off a copy of the...

A Brush With Bare Knuckles

My latest in oils, " A Brush With Bare Knuckles ", is a tribute to John L. Sullivan. My trip to The Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame, in Belfast NY, was a special inspiration.

UB Sketching

Recently I'd been asked to use my background, as a Police Sketch Artist, to create drawings of UB students who had described themselves to me.  This was an exercise in self-perception.

New Untitled Piece

This piece was commissioned by a woman who had lost her husband to illness.  She had specific thoughts for images and colors that she had wanted included. The astrological signs are those of her children.  The lotus flower plays an important part in the painting. The...

Corps to the Core

Semper Fi Joe An old High School buddy and Marine Vietnam Vet, Joe Massaro, has loaned me this piece for the show. It was painted in 1968, the year that I had joined the Corps. After 46 years, I...

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